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Training from our Professional Services Team

  • We provide on-site training for multifunction products
  • We answer operational and technical support questions on hardware and eTools
  • We Help your organization cut costs and work more efficiently

Comprehensive Fast-Start Training

Today’s multifunction products have more capabilities than copiers or printers—digital multifunction products (MFPs) combine printer, copier, fax, scanner and document management functions in a single unit. While MFPs are very user-friendly, if you have purchased your company’s first MFP or a MFP from a different manufacturer, your staff will benefit from training on this powerful technology. That is precisely why Advanced Imaging Solutions provides free on-site training services with the purchase of a MFP.


Maximize Your Productivity

Our 90-minute Fast Start training provides a thorough overview of your new multifunction product to maximize your productivity in the shortest time possible. We will go through the basic machine functions and demonstrate how to perform common operations including:

  • loading toner, paper and staples
  • duplexing, sorting, stapling, reducing and enlarging
  • removing paper jams
  • faxing, scanning and print driver training

Hands-On Interactive Training

This will be a hands-on learning opportunity and your staff will be encouraged to perform tasks and ask questions. We’ve found that when staff members receive interactive training, they learn much quicker and are able to train others, too.

Advanced Training

Multifunction products (MFPs) are capable of revolutionizing the way documents and information are used and more and more businesses are harnessing their capabilities. MFPs can:

  • allow users to print, scan, fax and email from their desktop
  • capture and distribute information
  • store and manage paper and digital files
  • control output and provide security

Taking advantage of your MFP’s tremendous resources

If your machine has these features but they aren’t being used, this lack of usage translates into significant losses in productivity, efficiency and your financial investment. Advanced Imaging Solutions’ Training Specialists can prepare your staff members to optimize how your company manages digital and paper-based information.

Training to Match Your Needs

We have Advanced Training programs that will match your needs, no matter what level you are on now. We can also help your employees achieve technical proficiency in software programs such as Microsoft.

Guaranteed Success

Our Advanced Training rates are competitively-priced and we guarantee that when you invest in our programs, your trained staff will be self-sufficient in the operation of your multifunction products.

About Our Training Specialists

The Advanced Imaging Solutions’ Professional Services Team is dedicated to your success. Our non-commission support team has only one goal in mind and that is to help you get the most from your eTools. We will provide a professional and enjoyable training experience. Whether we are working with beginners or experienced document solution managers, the training will be paced to meet their needs; even if we have different experience levels in the same class. We are so confident our training programs will exceed your expectations that references are happily supplied upon request. Call us at 1-800-332-6793 or 1-574-243-1096 and ask for Professional Services.

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