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Increase Printer Productivity with Hold Print Option on Lanier, Ricoh or Savin MFP (for mac)

Posted by Kathy Portolese on 6/13/17 3:54 PM

You may not realize it, but you work with people who have a secret. It's their secret stash of paper. It might be thick cardstock, photo paper or neon yellow with polka dots. Hold back your urge to start rifling through desks, it's not like they would print business cards for their side hustle, family photos, or party invitations, since coworkers would never do that! 😇

The inventory labels your customer service team prints or the full color brochure that your designer needs you to sign off on are legitimate print jobs on special paper that get ruined every day.

You know exactly how it happens... you load label paper in the printer tray, walk back to your desk and hit print only to find that Dennis from Accounting beat you to it and now his spreadsheet is printed on your label paper!

We covered this topic for Windows users in a previous post, but it's time to enlighten our Mac users. Let's get started!

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But My Sales Rep Said I Could Print on Thick Paper or Specialty Stock 📄

Posted by Kathy Portolese on 6/7/17 7:35 AM

We hear it all the time, "My sales rep said I could print on different paper stocks with different thickness, but so far I've had no luck."

But it's true! You can print on different paper stocks on your Lanier, Ricoh or Savin multifunction printer (MFP) as long as you follow some simple steps.

Who's Driving?

Print drivers and MFPs like to properly communicate so they're on the same page (pun intended). When there's conflict between the driver and printer, you get annoying mismatches, poor print quality and the occasional misfeed, jam or something worse.

Does this battle sound all too familiar?

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How to Print Securely Using Hold Print & Lock Print Option on a Lanier, Ricoh or Savin MFP

Posted by Kathy Portolese on 6/2/17 3:27 PM

You’ve just finished up your document and you’re ready to print on that special paper. (You know, the paper from the secret stash you’ve been hiding away.) You load your paper into the paper tray, walk back to your desk and hit print only to find that two other people beat you to it and now their documents have printed on your nice paper. 

They are upset with you because they have to go reprint their documents and you’re upset with them since your special paper is hard to come by these days!

Maybe you need to print a confidential document and just aren't sure how to print securely.

You’ve been there, right?

We want to fill you in on a couple of functions on your Lainer, Ricoh or Savin multifunction printer (MFP) that you may not realize exist – Hold Print and Locked Print.

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Advanced Imaging Solutions Receives Lanier Service Excellence Award

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 11/30/16 8:26 AM

Advanced Imaging Solutions is the recipient of the 2017 RFG Circle of Excellence Certified Dealership award from Ricoh/Lanier for our commitment to customer service. 

Through this program, Ricoh/Lanier recognizes the "Best of the Best" and rewards dealers who provide outstanding service and support in accordance with highest of standards. Under the direction of Ryan Klatt, Vice President of Service, our award-winning Service Department has an ongoing commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction. 

Advanced Imaging Solutions has met or exceeded the requirements in the following areas:

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Printing Accountability Translates into High ROI with PaperCut

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 10/10/16 4:09 PM

Encouraging responsible behaviors in the workforce is not as challenging as it may seem. There are small steps you can take using PaperCut that will have a big impact on your Return On Investment (RIO). As an added bonus for you, these behaviors can translate into big bucks for running your business. 

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