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Advanced Imaging Solutions Receives Lanier Service Excellence Award

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 11/30/16 8:26 AM

Advanced Imaging Solutions is the recipient of the 2017 RFG Circle of Excellence Certified Dealership award from Ricoh/Lanier for our commitment to customer service. 

Through this program, Ricoh/Lanier recognizes the "Best of the Best" and rewards dealers who provide outstanding service and support in accordance with highest of standards. Under the direction of Ryan Klatt, Vice President of Service, our award-winning Service Department has an ongoing commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction. 

Advanced Imaging Solutions has met or exceeded the requirements in the following areas:

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Printing Accountability Translates into High ROI with PaperCut

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 10/10/16 4:09 PM

Encouraging responsible behaviors in the workforce is not as challenging as it may seem. There are small steps you can take using PaperCut that will have a big impact on your Return On Investment (RIO). As an added bonus for you, these behaviors can translate into big bucks for running your business. 

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Streaks on Prints and Scans? Here’s the Solution.

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 9/13/16 10:51 AM

We’ve all been pestered from time to time with random lines, specks and ink smudges on printed documents. Production work can be delayed for hours, sometimes days, missing deadlines because the materials needed could not be produced during print device down time.

Between performing your own research, looking up what might be the issue online, and finally finding someone to come to your business to service the device, you can lose important hours or even days for running your business. Perhaps, you are flooding your IT department with help emails and  service calls that are printer related. Several studies have shown an average of 40% to 60% of IT help and service calls are related to printer issues.

Imagine if you didn’t have anyone to call for help. How long would it take until the issue was resolved and your business could continue with proper production? Would the issue even get resolved?

It’s always good to have an expert service technician on your side during these types of situations that can limit your productivity.

After picking the brains of some of our experts over here at Advanced Imaging Solutions about what could be the problem with a device that is producing documents with streaks or lines on them, I’m going to share what they told me might be going on with your device …

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Fact or Fiction – The Truth about Managed Print Solutions (MPS)

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 9/7/16 4:42 PM

In case you haven’t come across the term MPS before, it refers to Managed Print Services. MPS is a service that will optimize or manage a company’s document output. MPS also, tracks how the printer, fax, copier and Mutifunctional devices fleet is being used, the problems, and the user’s satisfaction.

Even if you’ve never heard of MPS before or from us, it's important for you to know the facts versus the fiction about MPS. We’ve uncovered 6 common truths (or fiction) about MPS for you:

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How To Create Watermarks on Business Documents

Posted by William Bennett on 9/2/16 2:38 PM

I frequently demo how to print watermarks and/or stamps on documents for clients. A watermark is a visible overlay of copyright information (usually in the form of text or an image logo) added to photos or other digital documents.

It is not uncommon to find that a large majority of customers are not aware that these types of options are available, let alone standard features, on our multi-function printers and products. Not only do these devices have the water mark (It's called a stamp on your device) feature but when using this feature to better control your documents revisions you have the date stamp that can also be established at the same time.

Aside from the standard stamps that are already loaded in printer settings, you can create custom text and/or image watermarks on documents. Client’s eyes light up when I show them how they can upload their business logos to be used as a watermark within their business documents. Adding your business logo as a watermark on your business documents adds credibility and validity that the documents you are creating and sharing are in fact from your business. Not to mention a professional touch!

Watermarks can be used on a case by case basis or per document-type workflow. Watermarks are often used for copyright purposes or intellectual property protection reasons such as, creating client proposals. 

As mentioned before, there are two standard types of watermarks: text and image. We will cover how to apply a standard stamp/watermark onto a document from your copier device.


Here is how to apply a Stamp/Watermark at Your Copier:

From your copier touch screen display...

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Do You Have Any Clue How Much Paper Your Business is Consuming?

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 8/31/16 2:19 PM

 With the advancements in technology it’s no surprise that we are entering the beginning stages of the digital revolution. McKinsey and Company states, “Early signs of the digital revolution are already here.” 

A common misconception is the idea that old business processes that require old ways of consuming paper to perform daily tasks are dying with the onset of new technologies. The idea that paper consumption is declining with the onset of entering into the digital age is false. Paper end-use continues to increase despite “living in the beginning stages of the digital revolution”.

There are people that believe paper no longer serves a purpose in business. While this may be true for some areas of business operations such as in the fields of ecommerce and communication, the consumption of paper continues to not only exist but rise - serving a valuable purpose. For example, while smartphones and tablets may have helped to cut down on some forms of paper consumption, the truth is that it has a long way to go before it is phased out. Faxing, for example, is still required by law in several industries because email is not approved for use with sensitive information.

Wired mentions some pretty persuasive statistics when it comes to paper use consumption:

  • Each day, one billion photocopies are made (Source: Forrester Research)
  • The annual growth rate for the amount of paper produced by the average company is 25%. (Source: Gartner)
  • There are over four trillion paper documents in the US alone, and this number is growing at a rate of 22%, or roughly 880 billion paper documents a year. (Source: Coopers and Lybrand)

Constant pressure to improve efficiencies, optimize business processes, and reduce costs ...

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Advanced Imaging Solutions of South Bend, IN participation in United Way’s 2016 “What Floats Your Cardboard Boat Race”

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 8/29/16 4:18 PM

Ahoy Mateys! Our participation in the United Way “What Floats Your Cardboard Boat Race” last Friday was a success (our boat didn’t sink)! “We be jammin’” with our awesome tie-dye team shirts.  

The food, comradery, and team spirit provided a great atmosphere to be a part of.  We also take much pride in helping our local community in this fun charitable event.  

Thanks to all our team-members who were involved! We’re going to get an earlier start next year, so be on the lookout for us in 2017.

Be sure to check out all the pictures from our participation in this year’s event below!

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Business Benefits to Scanning Documents with OCR

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 8/19/16 3:38 PM

Recently, a friend of mine and I were catching up during coffee and the topic of work came up. My friend was mentioning how some of the processes at her work had changed after a print technician was able to show how much time they could save using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool for documents they needed quick information access to. She explained to me how they were constantly having to regrettably inform their clients that they would need to call them back as to not let them wait on the phone while they performed inter-office calls to their accounting department in order to verify the details of client account financials. Even then, she mentioned, they were lucky if someone were to pick up the phone from accounting and able to locate the information they needed in a timely manner. Not to mention the constant “phone-tagging” that occurred between the client and us and then between us with our accounting department, she states. “What a time-consuming nightmare for everyone involved!

That all changed when her company adopted a simple document strategy ...

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You Named It What!? Proper Naming Convention for Documents

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 8/5/16 12:17 PM

Not only can it be time-consuming to look for the right document on your computer, but having to review multiple versions of the document you’re looking for can also be frustrating. It’s the worst feeling, realizing that the document you sent in an email to your boss or client wasn’t the final version, or the “final, final” versionafter feeling accomplished about completing it. Now you’re stuck having to explain yourself and why you need to resend it. How embarrassing! Of course, we’re all human and mistakes can happen but, why not minimize the level of embarrassment for yourself?

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Tips for Removing Ink and Toner from Clothing

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 8/2/16 2:54 PM

Stains are inevitable. While changing your ink or toner cartridge, you end up getting ink on your clothes. If you’re like me, the clothes I wear to work aren’t exactly cheap. So, when this happens I have to fight off panic and remember these tips I’ve come to learn for removing ink and toner from clothing. One tip involves whipping out my travel-size can of hairspray from my desk…

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