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Business Benefits to Scanning Documents with OCR

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 8/19/16 3:38 PM


Recently, a friend of mine and I were catching up during coffee and the topic of work came up. My friend was mentioning how some of the processes at her work had changed after a print technician was able to show how much time they could save using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool for documents they needed quick information access to. She explained to me how they were constantly having to regrettably inform their clients that they would need to call them back as to not let them wait on the phone while they performed inter-office calls to their accounting department in order to verify the details of client account financials. Even then, she mentioned, they were lucky if someone were to pick up the phone from accounting and able to locate the information they needed in a timely manner. Not to mention the constant “phone-tagging” that occurred between the client and us and then between us with our accounting department, she states. “What a time-consuming nightmare for everyone involved!

That all changed when her company adopted a simple document strategy ...

OCR for Quick Digital Searches

Adopting the OCR function on their printer/office copier, gave them the ability to verify client financials within seconds (opposed to the days it used to take) by searching for any piece of information that may be exclusive to that customer such as, name, account number, address, payment amount, check number, date, etc.

They were able to search through thousands of financial records and invoices without having to rely on accounting to find information for them. The old process was disappointing their clients and wasted valuable time.

How Does OCR Work?

OCR works by scanning printed text documents and converting them into live text. Live text is searchable and also allows you to edit the text, whereas scanned text within a printed text document without the use of OCR is not.


What Are Some Business Benefits to Scanning Documents with OCR?

For close to a decade, America First Credit Union has relied on HP multifunction printers (MFP) for high quality, cost efficiency, and reliable workflow functionality. They handle documents such as, loan applications, mortgage forms, expense vouchers, and accounting information on a daily basis. Randy Hunter, America First’s senior IT director states, “We want electronic document management to reduce consumption and simplify processes.” 

Automating your business’s document-intensive processes and workflows using OCR is just one small way partnering with Advanced Imaging Solutions can have a big impact on your team to boost overall productivity, enhance interaction and collaboration, focus on details, and gather important information quickly.



Edit Text

Edit text within a word processing program of your choice. For instance, this feature can be used to update contracts.

Save Physical Space

Remove paper copies and files from the office and put into storage after converting them into digital files.

Avoid Re-typing

If you’ve lost digital files but still have a hard copy you can easily replace it in your digital filing system by using OCR software to scan the paper original or most recent draft.

Accessibility (can be used in conjunction with voice-over utilities)

Vision impaired users have ease of access to scanned documents when using their personal computer’s voice-over utility.

Quick Digital Searches

When you convert scanned documents into text or a Word processing file using OCR software you have the ability to search and locate specific documents using keywords or phrases.

OCR tools that Advanced Imaging Solutions provide can help increase productivity and customer satisfaction for small to mid-sized businesses and organizations who need the functionality of quickly accessing or being able to copy, paste, and edit specific information from scanned data. Businesses and organizations have shown to benefit the most by incorporating scanning features such as OCR into their accounting and financial document-intensive processes.

Find Out More Ways to Organize  Business Document Workflows

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