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How To Create Watermarks on Business Documents

Posted by William Bennett on 9/2/16 2:38 PM

confidential_stamp.pngI frequently demo how to print watermarks and/or stamps on documents for clients. A watermark is a visible overlay of copyright information (usually in the form of text or an image logo) added to photos or other digital documents.

It is not uncommon to find that a large majority of customers are not aware that these types of options are available, let alone standard features, on our multi-function printers and products. Not only do these devices have the water mark (It's called a stamp on your device) feature but when using this feature to better control your documents revisions you have the date stamp that can also be established at the same time.

Aside from the standard stamps that are already loaded in printer settings, you can create custom text and/or image watermarks on documents. Client’s eyes light up when I show them how they can upload their business logos to be used as a watermark within their business documents. Adding your business logo as a watermark on your business documents adds credibility and validity that the documents you are creating and sharing are in fact from your business. Not to mention a professional touch!

Watermarks can be used on a case by case basis or per document-type workflow. Watermarks are often used for copyright purposes or intellectual property protection reasons such as, creating client proposals. 

As mentioned before, there are two standard types of watermarks: text and image. We will cover how to apply a standard stamp/watermark onto a document from your copier device.


Here is how to apply a Stamp/Watermark at Your Copier:

From your copier touch screen display...

  • Tap the “copier” app from the device smart panel: (Devices and options will vary. Contact us with any questions)
  • Select “Edit/Stamp”:


  • Locate “stamp”:

You have the option to choose from any of the standard watermark/stamps already loaded in print settings or create a custom text stamp. (Stamps may also refer to background numbering, page numbering, date stamping, and/or creating custom watermark stamps.)


The standard watermark stamps are:























  • Tap “preset stamp”
  • Select type-stamp “color”
  • Choose “change” (change position, size, and/or density or stamp)
  • Choose "Stamp Position" on page (6 options shown in image below)


  • Tap "OK"
  • Tap "OK"


After you have confirmed any and all edits for a particular stamp you want to use you have the option to save these stamp settings as a one-touch shortcut with a customizable name. Creating a shortcut for a stamp/watermark in “Program” that you plan to use frequently will save you and anyone else who will use that stamp/watermark valuable time.

To learn how to create custom shortcuts and create watermarks on business documents such as importing your business logo onto printed or scanned documents using our devices, contact us (Advanced Imaging Solutions of South Bend IN.) for a no obligation demo!

Ask Us How To Create Shortcuts and Custom Logo Watermarks on  Printed or Scanned Documents 

*Images apply to Ricoh Lanier MPC5503 Models. Options will vary by machine type and hard drive installed.


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