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But My Sales Rep Said I Could Print on Thick Paper or Specialty Stock 📄

Posted by Kathy Portolese on 6/7/17 7:35 AM

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We hear it all the time, "My sales rep said I could print on different paper stocks with different thickness, but so far I've had no luck."

But it's true! You can print on different paper stocks on your Lanier, Ricoh or Savin multifunction printer (MFP) as long as you follow some simple steps.

Who's Driving?

Print drivers and MFPs like to properly communicate so they're on the same page (pun intended). When there's conflict between the driver and printer, you get annoying mismatches, poor print quality and the occasional misfeed, jam or something worse.

Does this battle sound all too familiar?



Your printer or MFP is only trying to give you the best quality print and the information it receives from the print driver on your computer is important.

The correct print driver settings "talk" to the MFP so it can do all sorts of things, such as slow down the speed at which the paper is pulled through the device, adjust the amount of toner that the image needs, and even things like adjusting the temperature that fuses the toner to the paper—all dependent on the paper type you're using.

Ahh, it's all making sense now, right? The smeared images, misfeeds, red lights, the constant beeping that drives everyone up a wall.

Print Driver Savior

Here are three simple steps to make printing on different paper stocks a smooth and stress-free process.

On your Windows PC, after you have clicked "Print," select "Printer Properties" in the print dialog box. If you are using a Google application or web browser, you will need to select the option "Print using system dialog..."

You can make all the necessary changes right from this dialog box.

  1. In the Input Tray dropdown, select "Bypass Tray"

    Bypass Dropdown.jpg

    "Wait, what's a bypass tray and where is it?"
    If your printer settings aren't set up for the type of paper you want to use, you'll need to use the bypass tray (labeled #6 in the below image).

    Bypass Tray.jpg

  2. In the Paper Type dropdown, you'll need to choose the paper type that matches the one you are using. Here's an informative guide on determining your paper type.

    Paper Type.jpg

    If you don’t want to run over to the MFP, rush to put your paper in the bypass and yell to the entire building, "HANG ON, DON'T PRINT," then check out this post on how to hold or lock your print job in a queue.

  3. Click OK and PRINT

Voila, your stress-free print on thick paper is now complete! Subscribe to our blog for more ways to avoid unnecessary print mistakes.

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