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Is your company protected from a cyber attack?

Posted by Mark Sandberg on 7/5/18 8:30 AM

What happens when all of your safeguards fail? When systems you thought were safely quarantined are attacked and criminals gain access to your network, a treasure trove of your company's sensitive data could make it into the wrong hands. However, there are ways to strengthen your network security that you may not have considered.

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Where Do I Start When It Comes to Network Security for My Company?

Posted by Mark Sandberg on 6/27/18 8:30 AM

2017 was a turning point for cybersecurity. Today's data shows that the network security trends established then are now expanding.

The outbreak of WannaCry ransomware was the biggest of its kind in history. The high-profile breach of Equifax data showed that there is no such thing as an organization “too big to fail” when it comes to cybersecurity.

Yet small businesses are at even more risk than the large enterprises whose breaches make headline news. In fact, 54 percent of companies have experienced cyber attacks that compromised data or IT infrastructure, and the average cost of a successful hack is over $5 million.

The truth is that your organization is at constant risk of cyberattack. The challenging part is that you may not even know if an attack has already been successfully carried out – until it's too late. Which is why growing businesses need solid network security in position before anything happens.

Achieve Network Security for Small Businesses in 3 Steps

Huge enterprises make tempting targets for hackers around the globe, but they also have significant resources available for countering those threats. Small and medium-sized businesses, on the other hand, have to protect themselves in a far more strategic manner.

Most small or mid-sized organizations are more adaptable due to their scalable size. This presents some key opportunities for businesses with under 1000 employees looking to begin building network security defenses. Here are 3 steps small businesses can take to achieve network security:

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Is your printer a Trojan Horse that's vulnerable to cyber attack?

Posted by Mark Sandberg on 6/20/18 8:30 AM

You might not think of your office printer as a cyber security threat, but it's a compelling target for cyber criminals around the world. The fact that few people think of their printers as a possible threat is what makes them such attractive targets. According to Spiceworks, only 16 percent of IT professionals think printers present a high risk of security breach, and 43 percent ignore printers in their endpoint security solution.

Another key aspect of what makes printers such tempting targets is the fact that they connect to nearly every device in your corporate network. They are often set to automatically accept incoming commands as authentic. This makes it easy to print from any device without having to adjust network configuration settings, but it exposes businesses to cybercrime threats.

The truth is that bots are traveling throughout the internet looking for vulnerable targets to hit. An unprotected multifunction printer offers the perfect entryway to your most critical systems.

Once your printer is infected, it's only a matter of time before malware makes its way onto the systems that connect with it. This is how ransomware slowly spreads through a corporate network before crippling it and extorting your organization for cash to get your systems running again.

Protect Your Business from Printer Vulnerabilities

In an environment where companies invest considerable time and resources into securing employee workstations and corporate databases, leaving a weak link on the chain is a costly oversight. However, most printers are not even designed with cybersecurity in mind.

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6 Tips for Choosing a Managed Print Services Provider

Posted by Greg Hes on 6/6/18 10:00 AM

In theory, the Managed Print Service (MPS) equation is simple.

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Save on Printing Costs – Learn About Our Managed Print Services Assessment Process

Posted by Greg Hes on 5/30/18 10:00 AM

Managed Print Services (MPS) can be the key to reducing print waste and improving your per-page print costs throughout your entire organization.

But implementing a Managed Print Services program requires first undergoing an MPS assessment.

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