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My Copier Salesperson Said I Could Print on Thick Paper Using a Mac

Posted by Kathy Portolese on 8/2/17 1:21 PM


In a recent blog post titled But My Sales Rep Said I Could Print on Thick Paper or Specialty Stock, we discussed how to print using different paper stocks from a Windows PC, but what if you use a Mac? According to the latest numbers from NetMarketShare, the Mac now accounts for nearly 10 percent of all computers currently in use.

With this step-by-step illustrated guide, Mac users can print to a Lanier, Ricoh or Savin printer while using specialty paper.

The Mac OS (Operating System) version we are using is Sierra 10.12.4. If you have a different version, your settings may be slightly different, but you should be able to follow along.

Navigate to the print dialog box by selecting File > Print (or use keyboard shortcut, command ⌘ + P).

  1. From the dropdown menu that says Copies and Pages, select Paper Feed (If you don't see many options, you may need to check the box titled "Show Details" to display these settings)
    Paper Feed Screenshot
  2. Under "All Pages From," select Bypass Tray from the dropdown menu
    Bypass Tray Screenshot

    Bypass tray folds out on the right side of the device as shown here: 


  3. Select Printer Features, using the same dropdown menu that now displays "Paper Feed"
    Printer Features Screenshot

  4. Scroll down until you see Paper Type
    This is where you will need to select the correct paper type and weight.

     Click here to determinyour paper type 📄

    There are a wide array of paper type options, contact us if your paper type isn't listed.

    Paper Type Screenshot
  5. Next, select Job Log from that dropdown menu we've been using
    Printer Features Screenshot

  6. Click Print

If you prefer not to ask the whole office to wait to print while you print on your special paper, learn how to hold, lock, and release your print in this post.

Now you know how to avoid unnecessary print mistakes in your office.


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