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Printing Accountability Translates into High ROI with PaperCut

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 10/10/16 4:09 PM


Encouraging responsible behaviors in the workforce is not as challenging as it may seem. There are small steps you can take using PaperCut that will have a big impact on your Return On Investment (RIO). As an added bonus for you, these behaviors can translate into big bucks for running your business. 

When it comes to safeguarding valuable data, responsible behaviors in the workforce would include monitoring print volumes, document security using print releases (especially prints obtaining confidential information), and managing waste.

Enforcing policies that encourage these responsible behaviors also play a huge role in the success of your business productivity and longevity.

Here are ways you can start encouraging responsible printing accountability behaviors within your business document workflows (hey, we know how busy you are) …

Gain full administrator access to real-time printing, status updates, and the use of popup (push) notifications

Even if you’re not the one monitoring all your print management and business document workflows or enforcing the use (or not use) of printing certain document types, just know there is always someone who can for you.

Track activity. Control and report use. Real-time printing.

  • Access to 80+ one-click reports
  • Track all printers within your print fleet
  • Web Print (scaling)


Minimize bottlenecking and increase workflow efficiency.

  • Reduce user wait times for print jobs
  • Increase output speed
  • Build redundancy
  • Find me printing
  • Easy management


Popup (push) notifications:

Reduce costs and minimize waste by incorporating popup notifications that reinforce only necessary printing behaviors and reduce unnecessary ones. 

For example, you can use popup notifications to reinforce business printing and document policies such as reducing the printing of emails with warning notifications.


Available Integrations with PaperCut:

  • Ricoh Smart Operational Panel (SOP)
    Running PaperCut MF on the second or third generation Ricoh (SOP) delivers an intuitive interface along with a streamlined workflow. The Android based LCD touchscreen provides easy access to Home, Print Release, device functions, and account selection.
  • Secure Print Release
    Release printing feature secures confidential documents from getting into the wrong hands with control over when and by whom a print job is released.  Access device functions from the new PaperCut MF interface.
  • User (Active) Directory

    Automatically create user accounts using this integrated feature.

  • Scanning Enhancements (Kyocera and Sharp customers using PaperCut MF.)
    • Secure scanning and workflows
    • Scan to email or folders
    • Reduce paper usage by digitizing documents and sending/sharing them via email or into shared folders

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