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Future Proof Your Business Using Devices that Work Smarter, Not Harder

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 7/21/16 4:34 PM

You see them everywhere – people on smart phones – in the park, inside coffee shops, even while driving! It’s hard to imagine a time when smartphones didn’t exist. Now that we’re used to them and sync everything to them, we can’t live without them.

With just one swipe, tap, or pinch on your smartphone’s touchscreen, you can gain access to the great world wide web, download apps, and wirelessly connect to other devices.

Because people love using smart devices, they’re almost never without one. According to Pew Research Center, Nine-in-ten cellphone owners (That’s 90%!) say they “frequently” carry their phone with them.

I don’t always have my computer with, me but I do seem to always have my smartphone. Having access to all the features a smart device gives me has saved me in a pinch more than a couple of times. There have been times that for one reason or another, I wouldn’t be able to access saved files that I needed NOW from my computer. Either my computer battery died, no Wi-Fi was available, I couldn’t find the document, or I simply didn’t haul it with me. However, I was able to easily find and print or email the files I needed straight from my smartphone! 

Using my mobile device was more convenient and efficient because I was easily able to pull it out of my pocket and quickly find what I needed, when I needed it.

That same ease and efficiency are available to you when using your MFP’s for your business print needs as well.

The Smart Operation Panel (SOP) on a Ricoh/Lanier’s MFP allows you to…


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