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Reduce Office Print Cost with these 5 Technology Print Solutions

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 4/12/16 12:22 PM

There’s a moment of panic - that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach when you hit the print button and your computer freezes. You need to print now! The meeting is in 10 minutes and it takes at least 6 to re-boot your computer. The files are stored on an online drive, but its lunchtime and anyone who has access to the cloud-based drive are out for lunch. If only you could get to the drive, then print directly to the copier.

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Attract Millennials with mobile printing solutions

Posted by Print Team on 5/12/15 12:30 PM

Millennials are connected unlike any generation before them. They expect all things to be connected and demand mobility. While some have called this generation lazy or spoiled, others realize that the Millennial evolution is a product of modernization - one that businesses will need to adapt to in order to succeed.

The consumerization of IT, specifically BYOD trends, have caused businesses of all sizes to adopt cloud solutions, enabling their employees to stay more connected than ever before. Thanks to the cloud, mobile workers can view and share documents across devices without needing to be in a traditional office setting. This appeals to the Millennial generation who often favor non-traditional work environments to the standard square cube. According to Gartner, by 2017 half of all the companies in the world will require employees to bring their own devices to work.

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Mobile Print Solutions for the BYOD Office

Posted by Print Team on 3/6/15 4:45 AM

A survey of 600 businesses found that 95% permit use of
employee-owned smartphones and tablets in the workplace.1

Consumerization of IT - also known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) - is a growing trend changing the way businesses operate. It empowers mobile workers by keeping them connected, integrated and productive.

But maximizing mobility isn't as simple as handing over phones or tablets to your mobile workforce. In fact, leaving employees to their own devices - literally and figuratively - could introduce operational, security and privacy risks.

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Cloud, managed print services driving energy-efficient practices

Posted by Print Team on 8/15/14 11:47 AM

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve operational efficiency without going over budget. As a result, cloud computing has emerged as a viable solution but that doesn't address a businesses' printing needs.

Recently, Ricoh/Lanier has developed a cloud-based platform to help SMBs lower costs and improve productivity by helping their mobile workforce gain access to content where ever they happen to be. This Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) connects mobile workers to the cloud for their document management and printing needs.

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Cloud computing is changing managed print services

Posted by Print Team on 7/25/14 4:27 AM

Many organizations today look at their office printing fleets and struggle to see them as anything but a large investment. These tools require constant maintenance and include expenses for paper, ink and toner. Add in the fact that more employees are working from places other than their cubicles and companies may have printers that are not always used to full capacity.

Cloud computing has reshaped many facets of the IT industry in recent years, making it easier for companies to offload management tasks to third-party vendors to focus on more mission-critical workloads. The cloud has also influenced managed print services, allowing employees to print documents without restrictions compared to traditional operations.

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