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Streaks on Prints and Scans? Here’s the Solution.

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 9/13/16 10:51 AM

We’ve all been pestered from time to time with random lines, specks and ink smudges on printed documents. Production work can be delayed for hours, sometimes days, missing deadlines because the materials needed could not be produced during print device down time.

Between performing your own research, looking up what might be the issue online, and finally finding someone to come to your business to service the device, you can lose important hours or even days for running your business. Perhaps, you are flooding your IT department with help emails and  service calls that are printer related. Several studies have shown an average of 40% to 60% of IT help and service calls are related to printer issues.

Imagine if you didn’t have anyone to call for help. How long would it take until the issue was resolved and your business could continue with proper production? Would the issue even get resolved?

It’s always good to have an expert service technician on your side during these types of situations that can limit your productivity.

After picking the brains of some of our experts over here at Advanced Imaging Solutions about what could be the problem with a device that is producing documents with streaks or lines on them, I’m going to share what they told me might be going on with your device …

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Avoid Damage to Your Expensive Office Equipment

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 6/30/16 4:44 PM

Michiana weather can be predictably unpredictable, especially during “tornado season”. If you’ve ever lived or worked in the Michiana area you know exactly what I’m referring to: uncontrollable changes in temperatures, high wind speeds, rain, hail, snow, and worse. In just the past few weeks, we’ve experienced temperatures ranging from lower 50’s to upper 90’s and everything ranging from dark, cloudy skies to sunny, clear skies. Trees fell victim to raging winds and strong rain and came to rest on power lines. Several co-workers lost power to their homes for several days. Some even suffered damage to electronic devices containing microprocessors.

Hundreds of consumer devices like televsisions, cordless phones, computers, and even “low-tech” large appliances such as refrigerators and printers contain microprocessors. 

According to Power House, anything containing a microprocessor is especially vulnerable to disruptions in device function due to power surges.

Power surges are nothing to take lightly, especially when it comes to the functionality of the devices you use to keep your business running smoothly. 

What if you could protect and monitor power anomalies going to your devices in and out of the field? You can…and it’s not your via average run-of-the-mill power surge protector either.

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Copiers Break – 3 Ways to Stay On Top of Your Copier Maintenance.

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 5/3/16 11:00 AM

You’re in the office typing away at the keyboard when a pop-up notification appears across your screen stating, “printer ink level is low” or to “check the ink levels”. This same notification has been coming across your computer screen just about every other day for the past month – distracting you while you work.

You notify Sandra in accounting to order more ink. After only a month or two, the pop-up notification comes right back across your screen

Wondering just how much ink your company is using in the course of a couple months, along with what employees are printing, is beginning to concern you for the unnecessary business costs it may be creating.

You decide to have your “maintenance person” check the ink levels before replacing them with new ink cartridges yet – there appears to still be a sufficient amount of ink left.

So, what in the world is going on with these notifications?

To find out what might be the root cause for these pop-up notifications, read these 3 preventative measures to keep your copier operating properly– and it’s probably not what you think…

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