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Is your printer a Trojan Horse that's vulnerable to cyber attack?

Posted by Mark Sandberg on 6/20/18 8:30 AM

You might not think of your office printer as a cyber security threat, but it's a compelling target for cyber criminals around the world. The fact that few people think of their printers as a possible threat is what makes them such attractive targets. According to Spiceworks, only 16 percent of IT professionals think printers present a high risk of security breach, and 43 percent ignore printers in their endpoint security solution.

Another key aspect of what makes printers such tempting targets is the fact that they connect to nearly every device in your corporate network. They are often set to automatically accept incoming commands as authentic. This makes it easy to print from any device without having to adjust network configuration settings, but it exposes businesses to cybercrime threats.

The truth is that bots are traveling throughout the internet looking for vulnerable targets to hit. An unprotected multifunction printer offers the perfect entryway to your most critical systems.

Once your printer is infected, it's only a matter of time before malware makes its way onto the systems that connect with it. This is how ransomware slowly spreads through a corporate network before crippling it and extorting your organization for cash to get your systems running again.

Protect Your Business from Printer Vulnerabilities

In an environment where companies invest considerable time and resources into securing employee workstations and corporate databases, leaving a weak link on the chain is a costly oversight. However, most printers are not even designed with cybersecurity in mind.

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Some Printers Store Data — How Secure is Information You're Printing?

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 5/10/16 12:05 PM

I remember a time I was going about my daily processing for a previous company I had worked for and happened to notice someone else’s documents were included in the ones I had just printed. Believing these documents must’ve been of importance to the printer (to be clear, the person who printed the documents not the actual device!) I did not want to just throw the documents away. I was about to lay the documents on the printer and walk away until I noticed some of the information within the document appeared to consist of somewhat confidential information regarding particular employees within the organization. It became clear to me that the person who printed these documents must’ve sent them to the wrong printer — and in the wrong department. Given the particular employee the documents referenced, I was able to decipher to which department head they were intended for and decided to let HR know I was handing them over to whom they were intended.

Are you confident the data your business is printing is getting to the intended parties and only those intended parties? What would happen if your business information got into the wrong hands?

Even though these types of printing mistakes may seem harmless, they can breed havoc on the success of your business due to data breaches and security threats. This makes it very important to be aware of current and potential threats to your business involving data and security for print. We will discuss ways you can help avoid these threats.

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Are your printers protected from potential security breaches?

Posted by Print Team on 11/3/15 4:01 AM

Multifunction printers that are able to scan, send and store documents can be just as vulnerable to a data breach as your desktops and mobile devices. The same innovative technologies that allow your devices to be networked and connected to the Internet, can also leave them exposed to potential threats. These smart-machines can greatly benefit business in terms of improved productivity and streamlined processes; however, it is important to be aware of the security risks that come with the enhanced capabilities.

There are six primary security risks that business owners should be aware of:

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