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Everyone Has a Type – Pick the Right One for Your Print Media

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 7/19/16 12:54 PM

According to, the world’s paper consumption has grown 400 percent in the last 40 years with the U.S. being the largest per capita consumer. Each person in the U.S. uses on average 749 pounds (340kg) of paper every year (adding up to a whopping 187 billion pounds (85 billion kg) per year for the entire population. With stats like that, you’d think most people would have a good idea about picking the best paper type for their business’ print media needs. 

I’ll never forget when our department finally received our order of direct mailers to send to our customers at a previous employer – the mailers were so glossy no one could write their information on them! They had to be reordered in the correct type of paper so customers would be able to write on them. Having to reprint thousands of mailers put us behind deadline by at least a week. I suppose we were more concerned with making sure our mailers looked pretty, that we didnt think much about the actual functionality of them.

Paper varies in thickness, weight, and materials used in its creation. Taking a look into history, here is an alphabetical list displaying many different paper types for books and manuscripts from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). Today, most of us are probably more comfortable using the generic term, “printer paper” for personal or professional needs.

It’s important to note that most personal printers don’t have the same print media production tolerance for many variations in paper thicknesses, weight, and type -- like commercial ones do. Just like paper, print devices are specifically designed to produce specific projects. We learned our lesson the hard way to make sure you’re using the proper paper to print what your business wants. I'll save you the hassle. Knowing how to optimize the quality of your prints starts with knowing paper weight and thickness…

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Be “Old School”– 27 Reasons it’s OK to Admit You Love Your Printer

Posted by Zack Nimtz on 5/26/16 11:00 AM

Let’s face it, no matter how the digital world tries to proclaim it, printers aren’t dead. We’ve all printed something we probably didn’t need to. However, there is something almost nostalgic in physically holding a printed sheet of paper in your hands — carrying it with you or holding onto it through your life changes and challenges.

Paper has the ability to hold valuable and sentimental attributions to life...and business.

I’ll admit it — I still have a printed certificate from a “small business” I registered with the government years ago. I don’t care that it’s worn with coffee and paint stains. It represents something far more valuable to me. The certificate not only holds important tax and business identification information I needed to properly run my business but, also a reminder of the ability to transform a concept or idea into a tangible reality. 

I wouldn’t have been able to print that business certificate without a printer. I wouldn’t be able to do or have a lot of things without my printer — especially for my business at that time.

So, I’m saying to you, it’s OK to love your printer. Aside from mine, here are 27 other seriously awesome reasons to love your printer…

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Managed print services boosts productivity, resource utilization

Posted by Print Team on 6/18/15 8:59 AM

Does your organization have a dedicated employee to order all the print supplies? If not, then you are probably spending too much on printing expenses. Some of the largest uncontrolled costs in an organization are print-related. Without someone tracking print supply inventory or paper consumption rates, expenses can quickly escalate, yet many business leaders let their print management remain untethered.

Business owners looking to reduce expenses should start with their print infrastructure. Paper output can represent a huge waste of resources for many companies and can be difficult to manage associated costs and resource utilization.

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'Toner Pirates' can be a costly threat for businesses

Posted by Print Team on 12/19/14 8:30 AM

Scammers are always trying to find ways to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers and businesses. One scam, in particular, involves "toner pirates" who call on companies under false pretenses offering discounted office supplies to lure in and hook their targets.

Office supply scams are not a new phenomenon. According to, the first reported incident happened sometime during the 1970s. It's popularity is likely because it is easy and often has a high payout for the scam artist. Since 2000, the costs of these incidents have exceeded $200 million annually.

How to spot a toner pirate
A typical toner pirate scam involves the scam artist lying to unsuspecting employees in an effort to convince them to pay for supplies that were never actually ordered. Toner pirates can be very insistent in their arguments, often threatening legal recourse if the invoice is left unpaid.

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