Educational institutions can have a wide variety of needs. Grade schools and community colleges may need devices and systems that differ greatly in scale and scope from large universities. However, one thing they have in common is the need to reduce expenses without compromising their curriculum.
A combination of factors is causing per-student expenses to rise faster than inflation, while spending cuts make it even more difficult to provide a top-notch learning environment. Educational leaders need solutions that simplify and improve critical processes within their infrastructure.
Cost cutting measures and a drive toward more environmentally responsible campuses have changed the way students, teachers, and school administrators view and use hard copies. Print devices, while necessary in an academic environment, can often have a hidden effect on budgets. Excessive color usage, inefficient printing, and personal copying can silently drain resources.
Student at Printer
Are you getting the best return on investment possible out of your current imaging environment?

  • Do you need to store documents that have to be saved for legal and financial reasons?
  • Is it important to be able to restrict access to confidential documents?
  • Do multiple people need to have access to the same documents?
  • Do you need a portal that allows students to pay-per-print?
  • Do you need to make better use of all your local printers and multifunctional devices?
  • Do you have an environmental initiative underway?

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