Manufacturing, Architecture & Engineering

Architects with Blueprint

Manufacturers, Architects, and Engineers rely heavily on printed documents, such as illustrations, CAD designs, and high resolution renderings. In such a paper-reliant professions, document management is imperative to effectively maintain print costs accrued throughout the build process.
Efficiency is critical and Advanced Imaging Solutions can help. We provide custom imaging solutions for better document management, distribution, and large format needs. Our imaging devices, paired with the right software and tools necessary for your needs, can streamline your document workflows and remove the burden of print management from your shoulders.

Are you getting the best return on investment possible out of your current technology environment?

  • Do you need to store documents that have to be saved for legal and financial reasons?
  • Do you need to make better use of all your local printers and multifunction devices?
  • Do you have an environmental initiative underway?
  • Do you utilize large illustrations or CAD designs that cannot be printed on a standard size printer?

Print Large Format drawings on demand

Design and fabrication operations need fast access to drawings. You can print drawings on demand with wide-format devices designed specifically for your company’s output. Wide-format systems are used extensively throughout the following technical industries:imageprograf_mfp.png
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction
  • Mechanical CAD
  • Geographic Information Systems

We know that wide-format drawings are critical to the AEC, MCAD and GIS industries. Our wide-format devices provide consistent output you can depend on. 


Tight Integration with Your CAD Software
Wide-format systems integrate seamlessly with most CAD packages. 


Fast Output of Drawings
Enlisting fast raster image processors (RIP) to render your job with productive printing technology ensures that you get your prints quickly and get back to work.


Scan Drawings to Email or Archive
Make field notes on your drawings and then scan them to your computer. Our multifunctional wide-format systems allow you to quickly capture your documents. We can also help you set up an Electronic Document Management System to provide secure, searchable access to your scanned information. 


Print At the Job Site or Factory
Many construction and manufacturing applications require fast access to drawings. Rather than waiting for drawings to be delivered from a third party, some companies are now putting DesignJet printers or multifunction systems on their work sites. This allows updated plans to be emailed and printed, keeping crews working at maximum productivity.


Advanced Imaging Solutions’ devices are network-ready and can be easily integrated into existing print environments. Our document management solutions support queuing and nesting to quickly process large files, as well as data encryption and user authentication tools which ensure product designs, patent applications, and other sensitive information stays confidential.

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