Commercial Printers and Artists


If you are graphic designer, photographer, or commercial printer, you need to be able to print eye-popping images and documents that make a big impact to the viewer. Advanced Imaging Solutions


has state-of-the-art devices available that provide high resolution output perfect for your imaging demands.


Whether you need to print a high volume of marketing materials for direct mail, brochures and handouts, or you're printing large format banners, posters and canvas prints for tradeshows - we have a device for you.


Create stunning images with high-quality devices

Outstanding Image Quality
Our production-quality printers use specially formulated inks and media types to create amazing images. Output resolution of up to 2,400dpi x 1,200dpi enables crisp details, while advanced ink systems combine multiple ink colors to create consistent color registration and output.

Uniform Glossy Output
Gloss enhancement capabilities can be used on glossy and semi-gloss photo papers to produce images with uniform gloss from highlights to shadows.

Extensive Print Controls
Adobe PostScript RIPs give you optimum networkability and color management capabilities. Advanced profiling systems allow you to customize output to emulate your SWOP or other output devices for accurate proofing.


Spot on color management
Color management is a process practiced by graphic arts professionals who need to ensure that the colors produced on their printers and other imaging devices will reproduce accurately and consistently. Spectrophotometers work in tandem with Adobe PostScript to create and manage ICC profiles to ensure exact color replication from screen to print. Spectrophotometers are embedded in some devices or can be purchased as an add on accessory.


For more information about our production and large format devices, contact an Advanced Imaging Solutions representative today!