Managed Print Services

What's the most shocking statistic when it comes to your printers?
Your true cost per print!


One of the most challenging tasks for any organization is grappling with the cost of printing. When the number of printers and multifunction systems proliferate in an organization, it's nearly impossible to control wasted resources such as paper, toner cartridges, and maintenance and repair expenses.

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Most organizations can't keep track of printer equipment much less know what their true cost becomes when calculating in waste. It has become an overwhelming task!


Advanced Imaging Solutions has the answer for mismanaged print environments. We have developed time-tested solutions that streamline document processes, control unnecessary print costs, and ensure your device fleet is operating at peak performance up to 99% of the time.


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Watch the short video below to learn more about the unnecessary costs associated with unmanaged document output and how a Managed Print Services Program can help regain control of your print-related costs.



The Advantages of a Managed Print Services Program

Advanced Imaging Solutions understands each company has specific document workflow criteria and different objectives for departmental processes. Our assessment procedure catalogues current workflow systems, analyzes equipment inventory and determines existing costs per device.


After thorough data analysis, solutions are developed based on facts, not assumptions. By using proven document technology processes we are able to help control and consolidate print fleets, improving efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Print Assessment:  Identify specific processes critical to document production, exposing inefficiencies and improvement opportunities.
  • Equipment & Supply Inventory:  Document all printers, copiers, faxes and multifunctional product systems to determine the actual cost per print for utilizing each device.
  • Develop Solution Options:  Outline improvements to enhance productivity and optimize existing equipment and software so tasks and objectives for each department are met.
  • "Right-size" Printer Fleet:  Identify and redeploy equipment that is under- or over-utilized based on assessment results to achieve the most cost effective strategy.
  • Printer & Supply Maintenance:  Advanced Imaging Solutions assumes the responsibility for monitoring each machine's duty cycle for maintenance, the proper inventory and use of consumables to assure peak equipment performance.
  • Periodic Business Reviews:  On a timely and needed basis, the Managed Print Services program is reviewed. Changes in document workflow or processes are discussed and adjustments made to maintain peak performance.


Our Managed Print Services program is fully customized to fit your company's business needs. Contact us today for a free, no obligation print fleet analysis.