About Our Products

With all the different equipment types and capabilities available on the market today, it's easy to become overwhelmed when selecting the perfect print device for your needs. Don't get caught up in feeds and speeds - contact Advanced Imaging Solutions for help!


Our experienced Account Executives work with clients to determine exactly what their imaging needs are - and then recommend equipment that best fits within those needs, keeping budgetary limitations in mind. 


Choosing the right device for your business needs

When evaluating imaging equipment for your business, there are a number of questions you should consider:

  • Are the options I need included or available as an add-on?
  • How reliable is the device? How reputable is the brand?
  • Is the device easy-to-use and navigate?
  • How long is the warm-up cycle of the device(s)?
  • Is the device energy efficient?
  • What is the total cost of ownership (cost per page, color versus black-and-white, supplies and maintenance)?
  • What kind of security capabilities does it offer?


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Currently, Advanced Imaging Solutions offers the following imaging device types:

Multifunctional UnitsLanier C5502

Multifunctional units can sometimes be referred to as multifunction peripherals, multifunctional products (MFPs) or multifunctional devices (MFDs). These all-in-one machines have the combined ability to copy, print, scan, and fax.


Multifunctional devices are useful for offices with many knowledge-workers who often need to perform multiple imaging functions on a day to day basis. MFPs provide high-quality output using low emissions, making them a perfect workhorse for many various imaging and output needs.


Digital Duplicators

Do you need a dedicated machine for high volume prints such as newsletters or classroom handouts? A Digital Duplicator may be the perfect solution for you. These high-speed machines can produce quality output at a fraction of the cost to print. Increase your output speeds, without increasing your budget, with a Digital Duplicator designed with long-run prints in mind. 

  • High Volume at a Fraction of the Cost
    High volume runs on single-sheet documents like newsletters or classroom handouts can be completed quickly on a digital duplicator for less than the cost to copy.
  • Your Own Personal Print Shop
    A Digital Duplicator is like having a personal print shop. Simply load your content on your computer and click 'print'. These ink-based systems generate a master copy which is used to generate print output.
  • Quick Turnaround
    Digital Duplicators can print over 100 pages per minute - perfect for high-volume jobs.
  • Spot Color Capabilities
    Spot color will add flair to your documents. Our digital duplicators can overlay spot color on your documents for a fraction of the cost of full color printing.



Printers are ideal for businesses with employees who do not need to fax, scan, or copy printed documents. Print devices come in varying size and tray capabilities, as well as quality and output. Toner, Inkjet and Laserjet are the most common print device types currently on the market today.


Advanced Imaging Solutions carries several printers from leading manufacturers, such as Canon, HP, Lanier, and Samsung.


Organizations utilizing ten printers or more, could be paying too much for their print devices. Without a print strategy in place, businesses may be losing up to 5 percent of revenue on mismanaged print devices. These costs stem from lack of resource management and supplies purchases, as well as costs associated with break-fix repairs.


We offer a Managed Print Services (MPS) program for organizations that want to take control of their print-related costs. With an MPS program in place, businesses can expect to see long term savings of up to 30 percent on their print-related costs.


For more information about our Managed Print Services program, click here.


Wide-Format PrintersCanon Image Prograf 8300

Does your organization need large posters, CAD drawings, or architectural blueprints? We have a selection of wide-format printers available for you.  Our highly versatile wide-format machines can print designs on various media types and sizes that range from 24 inches and wider.


Print eye-popping images, digital signage, maps, and more for a fraction of the cost to outsource.



Light Production and Production Printers

We provide high-quality production printing systems designed specifically for high resolution, high volume printing. When color and quality are the utmost importance, you need a reliable machine to get the job done.


When evaluating a production printer, it's important to consider color output requirements. Knowing how color can affect your printed documents can help you to communicate more effectively. Our production printers provide high-quality color output and so what you see on screen is what you get.


Give your business a competitive edge by printing professional-quality presentations, reports, and marketing materials with a production or light production print device.



Advanced Imaging Solutions can help you choose a quality device that fits your imaging needs. Whether you need a robust device with all the bells and whistles or a more simple solution, such as a digital duplicator, we have a device for you.


Check out our product catalog to browse our current device selection. If you don't see a specific device you are looking for, contact us for additional information.