Remote Meter Reporting

Reactive service and supply is frustrating and disruptive to your business.
The proactive solution: Remote Meter Reporting.

What is Remote Meter Reporting?Man at Printer

Remote Meter Reporting (RMR) is an automatic and hassle-free solution to meter collections. Advanced Imaging Solutions offers RMR reporting to clients free of charge. Using RMR capabilities, Advanced Imaging Solutions is able to manage networked print devices automatically, so employees can continue their work without worrying about meter collection calls or disruptions.


Three Benefits of Remote Meter Reporting:

  • It's hassle-free. With RMR's automated and accurate meter collection, employees never have to pull configuration pages again -it's all done electronically.
  • It's secure. RMR software captures device information such as meters, serial numbers and IP addresses from networked print devices. User data and personal information is not visible through Remote Meter Reporting.
  • It won't affect bandwidth. The Advanced Imaging Solutions team will collaborate with your IT department to establish parameters such as, schedule and device settings, device location, etc., to ensure employee productivity and network performance are not affected by RMR software.


We can provide you with the technology needed to discover service and supply needs — before your printers go down. Let us maximize your up-time with preventative maintenance and proactive supplies fulfillment.

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Your device information at a glance

A simple software download gives us the ability to gather critical metrics from your imaging fleet. This information is key to proactively monitoring performance levels of your current print environment. RMR software has the ability to monitor:

  • Current device status
  • Supplies levels
  • Page counts and meters
  • Device locations
  • Utilization levels
  • Service alerts
  • Historical trends reports



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