Managed network services

What happens when all of your safeguards fail? When systems you thought were safely quarantined are attacked and criminals gain access to your network, a treasure trove of your company’s sensitive data could make it into the wrong hands. However, there are ways to strengthen your network security that you may not have considered.

The cybersecurity industry is in a full-on “arms race” with the global cybercrime industry, whose agents are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to breach corporate networks. The cost of a successful cyberattack can easily be more than your organization is able to sustain.

According to Kaspersky, cyberattacks cost enterprises an average of $551,000 to recover from. Small to mid-sized businesses fair slightly better, spending an average of $38,000 to recover from successful attacks.

These costs are usually made up of multiple components. The three most immediate consequences of a data breach are:

• Loss of business-critical data

• Damage to corporate reputation

• Downtime

Additional costs may come in the form of decreased access to credit, greater staffing and training costs, and increased insurance premiums.

Regardless of the particulars, cyber crime is exorbitantly damaging and can present an existential problem for small and mid-sized businesses.

In fact, 60-percent of small and mid-sized businesses victimized by cyberattacks go out of business within six months. Your company needs to have a cybersecurity system in place that provides for the possibility to recover from a cyberattack if it occurs.

Most Organizations Make One Critical Cybersecurity Mistake

Knowing the risk that cybercrime represents, implementing a run-of-the-mill, set-and-forget cybersecurity solution is simply not enough. It’s impossible to tell how many of the 72 million individual records breachedin the month of April 2018 alone were protected, but evidently they weren’t protected well enough.

It stands to reason that small and mid-sized businesses need to do more to protect their sensitive data. Too many organizations are trying to achieve cost-effective security the wrong way – making a single glaring error that cybercriminals are sure to look out for.

The mistake that these organizations make is relying on internal resources to protect their data. This strategy makes sense for large-scale enterprises with the resources needed to create customized on-premises security solutions, but it is hugely detrimental to smaller businesses that simply can’t scale network security the same way.

Relying on your own internal resources for cybersecurity exposes you to vulnerabilities your IT team is not aware of.

Asking an in-house team to implement state-of-the-art security while proactively maintaining system hardware, updating software, and generating strategic value for the company is simply too much for all but the world’s biggest organizations to handle.

For most organizations, this only becomes apparent after an eventual cyberattack occurs. The cost of recovery showcases just how important prevention is – but only after the damage is done.

Managed Network Services Offer Scalable Security and Recovery

Managed network services put small and mid-sized businesses on equal footing with large enterprises. These services offer scalable access to top-shelf infrastructure for a single, simple monthly rate.

Researching, procuring, and maintaining expensive on-site resources that your team must then capably secure against the world’s most sophisticated cybersecurity threats is not feasible in today’s IT environment. Finding a reputable partner and entrusting them with that responsibility is.

Managed network service providers build their entire value proposition on the development and implementation of secure, efficient network infrastructure. They have a powerful incentive to invest resources in the development of better and more capable cybersecurity solutions on a constant basis.

For any small business, investing the same amount of resources into cybersecurity would require deeply cutting into the actual productivity of the business itself.

In the case of cybersecurity, the potential losses can put entire companies out of business. The benefit of ensuring state-of-the-art network security is well worth the cost.

Managed Network Services Ensure Compliance

Data security compliance is a key issue that small businesses, mid-sized organizations, and even enterprises often fail to take into consideration. You may not suffer a data breach today, tomorrow, or in the near future, but you are still accountable for the secure and transparent use of your users’ data.

Legislation such as GDPR affects organizations worldwide. Compliance will quickly spread to become the rule of law as governing bodies form a coalition against cybercrime and the misuse of users’ data.

If your business operates in the jurisdiction of an authority that demands data security compliance, you must either dedicate the in-house resources necessary to achieve compliance or entrust it to a reputable service provider you can rely on.

Have an expert cyber security service take care of your network so that you don’t have to rely on internal, on-premises solutions. Get in touch with Advanced Imaging Solutions to find out how!