Faith-Based and Nonprofits

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Quality Print Devices

Advanced Imaging Solutions has a proven history of providing top-notch equipment and solutions to meet your needs and enhance your organization. Bring high-volume printing in-house to reduce expenses and move towards digitization with scanning and document management. Our company is dedicated to working with you to ensure you are provided with the right solution at the right price. 

Special Pricing

Through partnerships with trusted manufacturers we are able to offer nonprofit organizations special pricing on brand new equipment. Lanier, HP and Canon each offer price-support options for nonprofit organizations. Talk to one of our specialists today to discover if you qualify and learn more about the different special pricing options for your next print device.

Certified Pre-Owned Equipment

Advanced Imaging Solutions offers a variety of pre-owned equipment at less cost than new. All of our pre-owned equipment goes through a ReNEW device certification process, where used hardware is thoroughly inspected and updated. Every ReNEWed device meets the current manufacturer’s specifications for new devices.

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