Webinar: Increase Innovation with Digital Collaboration for SMB (May 28)

Why attend this webinar?

This unprecedented time has driven companies like yours to make a shift in the way they do business. In this free webinar, you will be introduced to what Ricoh’s Interactive Flat Panel Displays have to offer for businesses as they search for new ways to communicate with staff and customers.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays could be the tool your business needs to effectively change the way you communicate and still give your employees and customers the personal touch they need to properly maintain their relationships. While emails and conference calls can be helpful, face-to-face interaction will always give you the best ability to develop all facets of your business properly.

Engineering firms, hospitals, government agencies, law firms, and other corporate businesses use Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPD) to keep innovative ideas moving with real-time, digital collaboration.

In this demonstration, attendees will see firsthand how Interactive Flat Panel Displays:

  • Empower remote workers in real-time with collaborative tools
  • Bring teams together via laptops, tablets and smart devices
  • Let you and your team connect your favorite business apps
  • Provide the flexibility to use any 3rd party Windows software
  • Are easy to use, Windows 10 devices

Speaker Information


John Cannon is Ricoh’s Visual Communication Consultant for the Central Region of the US. John specializes in videoconferencing software and equipment solutions that will allow you to enhance webinars and virtual meetings with colleagues and customers. With over 8 years at Ricoh USA, John has helped numerous organizations implement strategies to empower collaboration.

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Thursday, May 28, 2020
2:00-3:00 PM EST