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Increase Printer Productivity with Hold Print Option on Lanier, Ricoh or Savin MFP (for mac)

Posted by Kathy Portolese on 6/13/17 3:54 PM

You may not realize it, but you work with people who have a secret. It's their secret stash of paper. It might be thick cardstock, photo paper or neon yellow with polka dots. Hold back your urge to start rifling through desks, it's not like they would print business cards for their side hustle, family photos, or party invitations, since coworkers would never do that! 😇

The inventory labels your customer service team prints or the full color brochure that your designer needs you to sign off on are legitimate print jobs on special paper that get ruined every day.

You know exactly how it happens... you load label paper in the printer tray, walk back to your desk and hit print only to find that Dennis from Accounting beat you to it and now his spreadsheet is printed on your label paper!

We covered this topic for Windows users in a previous post, but it's time to enlighten our Mac users. Let's get started!

The Hold Print function allows you to send a print job from your computer and release it at the device. The Locked Print function is essentially the same as Hold Print, but it requires you to enter a numeric password before releasing your document. This function is great if your document contains sensitive information. 

And don't worry, you won't clog up the printer by holding or locking a job. Your device will continue to print as it normally would, it just puts your job in a special queue.

These simple steps will teach you how to Hold and Lock Print using a Mac

Open the print dialog box by selecting File > Print (or use keyboard shortcut, command ⌘ + P).

To Hold Print:
  1. From the dropdown menu that says Copies and Pages, select Job Log (You may need to check the box titled "Show Details" to display these settings)
    Job Log Screenshot
  2. Under Job Type, select Hold Print from the dropdown menu
    Job Type Screenshot
  3. Type in a User ID and File Name the respective fields
    User ID and File Name Screenshot
  4. Click Print


To Lock Print:
  1. From the dropdown menu that says Copies and Pages, select Job Log (Check "Show Details" if you don't see these options)
    Copies and Pages Screenshot
  2. Under Job Type, select Locked Print from the dropdown menu
    Locked Print Screenshot
  3. Type in a User ID and create a Password so that you can unlock your print at the device
    User ID and Password
  4. Click Print


To Release the Print from the Lanier, Ricoh or Savin Smart Operation Panel (SOP):

  1. Select the Quick Print Release icon and your name will automatically appear on the display.

    Quick Print Release Icon.jpg

  2. Click on your name to see a list of your held or locked print jobs

  3. Highlight the job(s) you would like to release by touching them

  4. If you chose to lock your print(s) you will need to enter your password to continue

Follow these instructions if you don't have a Smart Operation Panel


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