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How Document Security Improves Accuracy & Retrieval

Posted by Baana Veen on 8/1/18 10:05 AM

Do collaboration tools create security risks for organizations? If you ask most business owners and process managers, the answer is yes.

At first glance, this approach seems to make sense. The more time and energy goes into security processes like user authentication, the less time and energy goes into value-generating processes.

However, this dynamic is not a structural part of document security. It is a sign of improper implementation. A thoughtfully developed security solution improves collaboration within an organization.

The key is finding an expert service provider who can create a customized solution that adds value to your work.

Document Security Ensures Business Continuity

If it seems like the entire office technology industry is talking about security, it's for good reason. The number of cyberattacks worldwide has grown by a factor of 700 percent in the last year.

Today's organizations don't have only black-hat hackers to worry about, but also corporate spies and even state-sponsored operatives.

Small and mid-sized businesses are tempting targets for cybercriminals around the world. This is largely because most businesses with less than 1000 employees can't afford to put robust cybersecurity solutions in place like large enterprises can. They don't have access to the in-house resources necessary to make such a solution economically viable.

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The Paperless Office - Eliminate Manual Tasks and Make Compliance Easier

Posted by Baana Veen on 7/25/18 10:04 AM

One key change to your organization can triple your processing capacity, increase productivity, and reduce the cost of storage space. This change is called ‘digitalization’ – the conversion of paper documents to digital files.

The idea of the paperless office has been a goal for efficiency-minded office process experts since the 1980s. Technological leaps and bounds have us closer to achieving that reality, although in a slightly different form than our forebears may have expected.

While paper itself isn't going anywhere, its use in any office process is no longer an unquestionable fact. The clear majority of processes can benefit from digital conversion, reducing the number of times an individual document has to be physically handled.

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