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Advanced Imaging Solutions Bolsters Flexfab's Printing Environment

Advanced Imaging Solutions Bolsters Flexfab's Printing EnvironmentChallenges:

  • Fleet of aging printers, copiers and scanners
  • Multiple vendor relationships which prevented any sort of streamlined service
  • Loss of toner inventory control
  • Wasted finances
  • Inefficient printing infrastructure

Flexfab’s corporate headquarters is in Hastings, Michigan, and was looking to revamp and solidify their printing infrastructure with goals of saving time, money, and bolstering the environments’ efficiency by introducing departmental units, and leveraging Multifunction Printer (MFP) technology.

Advanced Imaging Solutions (AIS) was the chosen vendor for the task, ousting the competition by bringing to the table an in-depth analysis of Flexfab’s printer usage. AIS uncovered where the inefficiencies were throughout the network and boiled it all down into a simple quantied metric: Cost Per Page (CPP).

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