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Assessing the Imaging and Printing Environment

Assessing the Imaging and Printing EnvironmentThese days, IT operations are under a microscope like never before. The pressure is on to run compliant, cost-effective operations that maximize productivity and minimize costs. At the same time, decreased operational costs and proven returns on investments have become baseline requirements. There is, of course, no single solution that can achieve all
these goals. However, there is at least one very prominent area that businesses of all sizes and types may exploit: the opportunity to streamline and organize imaging and printing strategies. Resolving this situation is a no-brainer, because it can enhance the bottom line, increase employee productivity, and ultimately, create competitive advantage.

How have organizations reached this current state of imaging and printing chaos? A number of factors come into play here. For example, the sheer number of imaging and output devices deployed has steadily proliferated year after year. While everyone was waiting for the paperless office to arrive, waves of single- function hardcopy output devices were deployed, oftentimes haphazardly. It’s not surprising that market research firm International Data Corp. projects the number of document pages printed annually by U.S. companies and consumers to burgeon to nearly two trillion by 2006.

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