Faith-Based & Nonprofits

Effective communication is critical to religious and nonprofit organizations, but not at any cost. Financial stewardship is also paramount. Religious and nonprofit organizations circulate an enormous amount of information to a wide variety of audiences, both electronically and in printed format. There is a constant challenge to support every area of outreach with quality materials without spending more than necessary.
Maintaining communication through printed and electronic bulletins, newsletters, reports, membership directories, and fund-raising materials can quickly add up, and without an efficient document management system in place, you could be paying up to 30% more than necessary.
Investing in the latest imaging and management technologies allows you to gain control of print-related expenses, and right-size your printer fleet to maximize efficiencies. Advanced Imaging Solutions can help your religious or nonprofit organization implement a strategy to make your current document management workflow more efficient and more productive!

Are you getting the best return on investment possible out of your current technology environment?

  • Is it important to be able to restrict access to confidential documents?
  • Do multiple people need to have access to the same documents?
  • Do you need quality output at a high volume and an affordable price?
  • Do you need to make better use of all your local printers and multifunctional devices?
  • Do you have an environmental initiative underway?

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