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SOUTH BEND/MERRILLVILLE, IN: Students at Rensselaer Schools will now have the opportunity to learn and perform mathematical equations using the latest technology, thanks to the donation of an Apple iPad from Advanced Imaging Solutions.

It is the mission of the Rensselaer Central Schools Corporation (RCSC) to provide appropriate educational programs and a learning environment that will effectively meet the educational needs of its students. They have been honoring their mission by putting state-of-the-art learning devices in classrooms that will allow students to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies available.Prior to receiving the iPad from Advanced Imaging Solutions, RCSC had placed others in four of their five math labs, they were in the process of gathering funds to purchase one more when they were presented with this one. “We appreciate our partnership with Advanced Imaging Solutions and what they do for our school corporation. It will be put to really good use, and the kids will see the benefits right away,” said Ned Speicher, Superintendent.

Advanced Imaging Solutions has a deep commitment to the communities where our employees live and work, as well as to the advancement of children development. Rensselaer Schools was chosen to receive the iPad as part of a company promotion that focused on the ease-of-use of its online web portal for clients. As an area leader in document imaging technology, we fully understand the benefits of having the latest technologies available and are pleased that Rensselaer Schools will be able to integrate the new technology into their curriculum for its students.