Free efi Fiery training available online 24/7:

It’s quick and customized
We know you’re busy, so we've added access to the efi Fiery learning platform to our website for more learning convenience and flexibility. It features on-demand 24/7 anywhere, anytime availability on mobile devices or computers.

Plus, you can choose the learning resources that work best for you:
- Short Express videos explain the basics and highlight new features

- Simulation Learning allows you to practice techniques and processes in a realistic environment
- Interactive eLearning courses feature assessment questions that verify your knowledge
- How-to guides with print samples let you practice setting up and printing specific applications to demonstrate to your customers


It’s easy to start learning

To see all the free learning resources, just go to and browse the site by:

  • Learning path for your position
  • Product
  • Area of interest
  • Type of learning solution

When you’re ready to start learning, simply sign up for a free account.




Training from our Professional Services Team

Advanced Imaging Solutions offers onsite training for employees on any new print devices once they have been installed at the customer's site. Training sessions help your organization maximize device utilization by providing operational and technical guidance for employees.

Quick Start Program

Today’s devices have more capabilities than ever before. Imaging technologies available include cloud storage, document management, mobile print and more. The 90-minute Quick Start training session provides a overview of your new device to maximize employee productivity in the shortest time possible.


An experience facilitator will go through the basic machine functions and demonstrate how to perform common operations including:

  • loading toner, paper and staples
  • duplexing, sorting, stapling, reducing and enlarging
  • removing paper jams
  • faxing, scanning and print driver training


Quick start training sessions are provided free of cost to all Advanced Imaging Solutions clients. To schedule your quick start session, click here to have a Training Specialist contact you.New Call-to-action

Advanced Training

Why pay for features if they aren’t going to be used? Poor resource utilization translates to significant losses in productivity, efficiency and ROI. Advanced Imaging Solutions offers comprehensive hands-on training sessions for clients that shows employees how to perform more advanced device functions in a fun and interactive learning environment. When employees receive interactive training, they are able to learn much faster and can use the information they've learned to train new employees in the future.

We can also customize Advanced Training programs to match your utilization and training-level needs. Our Advanced Training programs are competitively-priced - we guarantee that when you invest in an Advanced Training program, your staff will be able to maximize device utilization, reduce down-time, and improve ROI.


Our Training Specialists

Our Training Specialists are trained on every device we offer. Their primary goal is to help your staff get the most from their device. Training Specialists provide a professional and enjoyable training experience. No matter the skill level, each training session is paced to meet employee needs.


Are you interested in scheduling Advanced Training for your employees? Contact us to have a Training Specialist contact you to discuss training options.